Milania Youthful 8 Collection Launch Party – It’s a Great Thing!

I loved this blog it was the best by far and there are things that are said about Teresa an I can’t stand the bad things that are out there on Twitter and the Mag’s, I will always stick by Teresa she doesn’t need to be Bullied no more by no one you can see it in her eyes that it hurts so bad an Melissa thinks in her head it’s all about her all Melissa does is lie an then blames Teresa it’s just sick .


About prettypinkie

I'm a mom of 4 grown children with 1 granddaughter an been married for 25years very happily, I love all the Real House Wife's of everywhere lol this is cuz sometimes my life can get crazy but when I watch These shows I get happy while I lmao an at the end of the day it all good an take what life gives you. [[=
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