Boston Marathon

It’s the saddest BS that anyone of us has to go through, This has affect my family my 2 brother’s were at the finish line waiting for there friend to go past the line and then all the sudden there was a explosion the both of them had lost their legs one was send to Mass. Gen. and the other one is in Brigham a woman’s in Boston. I can’t Describe the pain our family are going through but it hurts so badly, then I ask myself why in Gods name would anyone do something so Horrible like that,”WHY? that’s all I keep say is Why? One of my brother’s has a Breathing tub still cuz he can’t do it on his own, Then I look up an say pleases God help them both. I hope they will find the people or the person that did this. I pray for all of the other’s that got hurt as well…….


About prettypinkie

I'm a mom of 4 grown children with 1 granddaughter an been married for 25years very happily, I love all the Real House Wife's of everywhere lol this is cuz sometimes my life can get crazy but when I watch These shows I get happy while I lmao an at the end of the day it all good an take what life gives you. [[=
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  1. Keeping them and you in my thoughts

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