Boston Marathon

It’s the saddest BS that anyone of us has to go through, This has affect my family my 2 brother’s were at the finish line waiting for there friend to go past the line and then all the sudden there was a explosion the both of them had lost their legs one was send to Mass. Gen. and the other one is in Brigham a woman’s in Boston. I can’t Describe the pain our family are going through but it hurts so badly, then I ask myself why in Gods name would anyone do something so Horrible like that,”WHY? that’s all I keep say is Why? One of my brother’s has a Breathing tub still cuz he can’t do it on his own, Then I look up an say pleases God help them both. I hope they will find the people or the person that did this. I pray for all of the other’s that got hurt as well…….

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Check out @eonline’s Tweet:

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Milania Youthful 8 Collection Launch Party – It’s a Great Thing!

I loved this blog it was the best by far and there are things that are said about Teresa an I can’t stand the bad things that are out there on Twitter and the Mag’s, I will always stick by Teresa she doesn’t need to be Bullied no more by no one you can see it in her eyes that it hurts so bad an Melissa thinks in her head it’s all about her all Melissa does is lie an then blames Teresa it’s just sick .

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KATHY WAKILE: Before Kathy Was A Housewife…Rich Wakile Couldn’t Pay His Bills!!!

KATHY WAKILE: Before Kathy Was A Housewife…Rich Wakile Couldn’t Pay His Bills!!!.

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Judge Denies Sheree Whitfield’s Request for Stalking Protective Order

Sheree is a Trouble maker for sure look what she has try to do to Tamara Tattles it’s a shame to hurt others cuz She’s all upset about her life and not being a Real House Wife anymore so she really try to hurt Tamara an that’s not right or fair too her, Sheree girl get a life an leave others alone that’s the bottom line.

Tamara Tattles

I finally had my day in court today with Ms. Sheree Whitfield. First, a bit of background. In Georgia, if you go to the courthouse and tell them that you are in fear of your life because someone is stalking you they automatically give you a TPO and set a hearing within ten days to hear the evidence. It is not necessary to provide any evidence at that time, because all of that will come out in the hearing. So today was the day for the hearing. Sheree was asking for a 12 month stalking order of protection against me.

In court this afternoon, the judge heard both sides of the case. I explained that I went to Chateau Sheree and took some pictures on one occasion. I testified that I had never seen Sheree anywhere ever; nor had I ever attempted to contact her in any way. I also…

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This is the Best coffee in the world DD’s everyday for me . [[=


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